Zcon2 will take place Tuesday, June 8th and Wednesday, June 9th 2021. Zcon2 will be a virtual conference, streaming on YouTube.

The theme of this year’s Zcon is “Privacy all the way down”. The first day will focus on Zcash and its ecosystem, while the second day will look at broader privacy themes, including new research into zero-knowledge proofs, interoperability, network privacy, and privacy metrics. The provisional schedule (subject to change) is below. Note that all times listed are in UTC.

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Join the Zcon2 Lite Discord Server to ask speakers questions, and engage with other attendees on various topics. Subscribe to the Zcash Foundation’s YouTube channel to watch the presentations and panel discussions.

Tuesday 8th June 2021

Starts (UTC) Ends (UTC) Session Title Add to Google Calendar
14:00 14:30 Opening Address by Jack Gavigan
14:40 15:25 User Defined Assets
Panel discussion with Ian Miers, Peter Van Valkenburgh, J.R. Willett and Matt Luongo, chaired by Jack Gavigan
15:35 16:20 A Conversation with ZOMG
The Zcash Open Major Grants Committee
16:30 17:00 Fireside Chat with Andrew Miller, Michele Lai, and Zooko Wilcox
17:10 17:55 The State of UX in the Zcash Ecosystem
Pili Guerra & Joseph van Geffen
18:05 18:35 Hiring for Zero-Thousand Dollars: Building the Outside Contributor Community
Kevin Gorham
18:45 19:30 HSMs & Hardware Wallets
Panel discussion with Juan Leni, Conrado Gouvêa, Daniel James and Steve from MiStFPGA, chaired by Jack Gavigan
19:40 20:40 The Orchard Shielded Pool, feat. Halo2
Sean Bowe, Daira Hopwood & Deirdre Connolly
20:50 21:20 Reworking the NUP
Steven Smith & Deirdre Connolly
21:30 22:00 FROST
Chelsea Komlo
22:10 22:55 Update on Zcash Implementations & Protocol
Teor & Jack Grigg

Wednesday 9th June 2021

Starts (UTC) Ends (UTC) Session Title Add to Google Calendar
14:00 14:45 Recent Advances in Zero-Knowledge
Mary Maller
14:55 15:40 From Theory to Deployment: Security Evaluation of State-of-the-Art Zero-Knowledge Proof Systems
Panel discussion with Eran Tromer, Pratyush Mishra and Mary Maller, chaired by Daniel Benarroch
15:50 16:35 SNARKs on Other Ecosystems
Panel discussion with Marco Stronati, Ariel Gabizon, Barry Whitehat, and Kobi Gurkan, chaired by Anna Rose
16:45 17:30 Auditing Cryptography
Panel discussion with Thomas Pornin, isis agora lovecruft, Taylor Hornby and JP Aumasson, chaired by Liz Steininger
17:40 18:25 Interoperability Between Chains
Panel discussion with Maximilian Roszko, Matt Luongo, Zooko Wilcox and Christopher Goes, chaired by John Light
18:35 19:20 Network Privacy
Panel discussion with Giulia Fanti, George Kadianakis and Janito Vaqueiro Ferreira Filho, chaired by Alan Fairless
19:30 20:15 Governance Across Ecosystems
Panel discussion with Hudson Jameson, Zaki Manian, Evan Shapiro and David Vorick, chaired by Peter Van Valkenburgh
20:25 21:10 Everyone has Something to Hide: Measuring Privacy
Panel discussion with Ashkan Soltani, Mitchell Krawiec-Thayer, Nick Sullivan and Teor, chaired by David Campbell

This panel discussion will be directly followed by Closing Comments by Jack Gavigan, from 21:10-21:25.


When is Zcon2 Lite?
Tuesday, June 8 14:00-23:00 UTC and Wednesday, June 9 14:00-21:30 UTC.

How do I register? Is there a registration deadline or fees?
Register here. There is no deadline to register and there is no charge!

What is the conference schedule?
You can view the schedule above and peruse session descriptions and speaker bios here.

How will the online conference work?
Registration is free! Sessions will be live-streamed to the Zcash Foundation’s YouTube channel and discussion will take place on Discord. Download Discord or log into your existing account, join the Zcon2 Lite Discord Server, and subscribe to the Zcash Foundation’s YouTube channel before the conference. Session videos can be viewed live on Tuesday, June 8th 14:00-23:00 UTC and Wednesday, June 9th 14:00-21:30 UTC on YouTube, and will remain available to watch at a later time. We highly encourage you to engage in discussion on Discord throughout Zcon2 Lite and the week following (even if you cannot attend sessions live)!

Will I be able to ask speakers questions?
Yes! Download Discord or log into your existing account, join the Zcon2 Lite Discord Server. Each session has a dedicated channel for session-relation questions and discussion. Speakers will address some of the questions posted in the session specific channel when they are live. If you would like to ask speakers questions but you cannot attend their session live, we encourage you to post your questions in Discord before and after the session for async communication.

What are the different Discord Channels for?

  • #lobby: This is where you’ll enter the conference and is a great place to introduce yourself.
  • #jobs: For those looking for work or have employment opportunities.
  • #technical-off-the-stage: To discuss topics that are not covered in the conference sessions.
  • #lightning-talks: Post a short video of a project or ideas you want to share.
  • #non-technical-banter: Zebras just want to have fun!
  • #help: General conference related questions.

Each session has a channel dedicated to the session topic labeled the session title. Ask presenters questions while they are live and converse with other attendees about the session topic (both sync and async).

What if I miss one of the sessions? Will I have access to the recordings?
Yes! All session videos will remain on the Foundation’s YouTube channel so you can watch them at your own convenience.

What is your Code of Conduct?
Thank you for asking. Use of the Zcon2 Lite Discord server is subject to the same Code of Conduct as the Zcash forum.