Usability Workshop

2018.06.26 13:00-14:00 Linda Naeun Lee

Breakout UX Groups

These are some brief notes summarizing the highlights from speakers talking about their separate groups’ (generally of around five people) discussions, mostly focused on improving wallet UX.

  1. Talked about the onboarding process for current zcash users.
  2. Talked about language metaphors used for cyrptocurrencies, and the need for global consensus around what design patterns can be commonly used in the ecosystem; the need for defining user personas before developing UIs and the like; the need for awareness in the UI for users about what information is leaked.
  3. Talked about the onboarding process; there are no manuals for users, and no places to ask questions easily; the language - what is a shielded transaction? etc.; transaction expiration - do I want to be checking my phone every hour?; a better estimation of fees would be nice, especially in failure modes.
  4. Jumped in and imagined ourselves using a mobile wallet; Showed the balance, but ripped out the investor stuff. The idea is that it is Contacts driven: defaults to IP address and transactions. Icons to encourage people that they are doing well, change the color of the screen based on the leakage.
  5. Choose between sec and privacy; when you send a transaction, (based on mailchimp), you can go to the block explorer and check out the transation; simplify the address to make a keybase-like experience. We discussed this, and there’s some quick things to make. Stress is the main thing to try and dissolve - everyone is stressed doing this.
  6. Looking at language (shield, shielding); but also given that the hash has two states, private and not private, holding it in a wallet is odd as a privacy place. The Miminero wallet has multiple levels of privacy; maybe language and color showing when something is shielded or unshielded.