UX workshop: Solving the UX/UI Challenge wallet

  • Started by a presentation of everyone in the room

Challenges announced by workshop leader:

  • Intimidating backups: Security is the priority ubt we want to make sure it is usable
  • Unintuitive addresses:
  • Transaction type are confusing: There is also four types of transaction depending if its from z to t, t to z, z to z, t to z. No wallet is cross-platform. A wallet with only a single z address would help.
  • There are grants to work on those kinds of challenges
  • To easy to accidently loose funds, because of a focus too big on security. No one to ask in case of trouble. There is a lot to learn in one go from new users.
  • No address integrity check in zcash. Addresses are also scary.
  • Sheilded transactions are almost non-existent (only a 1000 tx), zcash users feel betrayed, because they think zero knowledge transactions are the default.
  • Who use IOS for crypto? 14 – Android 15 —- Desktop: everyone

Take out from the discussion and brainstorm: Information:

  • there is a trade off between security and privacy, when choosing hardware and software.
  • Private transaction should be default
  • Stress is the world that was mainly use while talking about transaction
  • Z cash wallet: only have Z support on mobile plateform
  • Onboarding process has to be addressed (see solutions)
  • Zcahs need to focus on user persona and focus on that

Possible solution:

  • the wallet can have a small pop up just before sending a transaction (mailchimp like UX) and before pressing send, to reassure the user. In addition after sending the transaction a pop up can also happen and send the user a block explorer where his/her transaction is coloured and he/she can see when it will be validated or not.
  • Onboarding process has to be addressed: Need to have a wiki, Video tutorials and other informational/educational content made to explain how to and incentivise people to get into the rabbit hole. How can we do better seed phrase, and back ups?
  • simplify addresses: Something more memorisable. For example: as a user you can send transaction by having an avatar that you will add on your network, and send transaction to it by just clicking on it, generate a picture generated yb your username. ENS and keybase might be interesting to make address user friendly. Indentions or images for adresses.
  • make a wallet where there is only one program to use with a predefine set up depending on the use case. And the user define the use case. Simple interface with picture and small explanation (at least, any new user and application would need to support this as a default and later we will add other support)
  • Languages available, transaction, not a lot of people know how ti use it


Workshop leader is really surprised and encourage about all the idea and how people care about UX/UI. She is very excited to work o this project and will make sure that those ideas are heard ands work upon