Towards Privacy by Default

2018.06.26 13:00-14:00 - Nathan Wilcox and Ian Miers

Maintaining T vs Z addresses in the protocol

Beneficial to Zcash to be based off of BTC source code

Questions around protocol changes:

  • Making shielding transaction mandatory in the next upgrade?
  • How do we transition into an entirely shielded addresses protocol?
  • How do we get rid of transparent addresses holding funds?

Making shielded transactions mandatory

Removing T-addresses


1 address type UX/Privacy mental model Remove technical debt Fungbility of coins


Proclude use cases Proclude better performance Bitcoin infrastructure compatibility If Z-addresses banned, no T-addresses to fall back to


  1. How to choose when/if to transition?
  2. Is Sapling performance/UX acceptable?
  3. How to incentivize 3rd party adoption?
  4. What about audits for exchanges/institutions?
  5. What about block rewards ?
  6. Is this for Sapling or later?
  7. When would it be too late?

Audience: Chain of provenance: Working with institutions, View keys selective disclosure isn’t enough for institutional adoption.

Audience: Build a simple and clean user interface that would allow people to use Z addresses in a simpler way helping drive the adoption of Z addresses as the main address type of Zcash hence improving privacy on the blockchain.

Some exchanges are already working on supporting Sapling.