Selective Disclosure

2018.06.26 14:10-15:10 - Jack (Dodger) Gavigan

Possible Disclosures:

  • Payment Disclosure
    • For zAddress payments to prove the payment
    • proof for shielded payment (receipt)
    • should be saved before the software throws away the proof
    • Discloses everything (Recipient, amount, memo)
  • Selective Disclosure (Not yet merged)
    • Only disclose a selective section (only amount, recipient or …)
    • might make shielded transactions less efficient, requires changes in the protocol/cryptography
    • If this happen (Selective Disclosure tuple), it’s possible to get rid of transparent transactions all together

… // Missing notes

  • How to identify who leaked information in case there are multiple parties receiving the receipts.

  • what is available in Zcash today?
    • Payment disclosure: Recipients, Amount, Memo
    • Some options to do read only keys in new SPV implementations – Coming soon –
  • One of the main issues with Selective disclosure is inadvertently disclose informations that they do not want disclosed
    • such as UI misuse
    • Device seizure