Privacy Metrics

2018.06.26 14:10-15:10 - Brad Miller and Eirik Ogilvie-Wigley

We could look at for inspiration


Self-auditing tools to check your privacy score

Add an option to randomize the time at which a transaction is sent

What can benefit the Zcash community to fully adopt Z-addresses?

Coming up with metrics

Shielded transaction: Z address to Z address. The only thing that is exposed is the transaction fee.

Run Zcash on TOR to be safe from leaking IP information.

Point 1: User interface to enhance the perception of shielded address

Point 2: Institutions prefer T-addresses due to technical reasons, it’s cheap computationally. Without institutions supporting Z-addresses it’ll be too hard to get it off the ground.

Point 3: Business analytics (understanding adoption) and metrics on how the network operates and what the community actually wants/needs.

Ideas for metrics:

IP address linkability Fee linkability Linkability via peer preference through transactions entering the mempool

Ideas for improving privacy:

Privacy score: giving users a privacy score in their wallet (gamifying UX - give people a bad score if they are doing something wrong)