Community Advisory Panel

A panel of community members assembled by the Zcash Foundation.

The list was last updated in Q4 of 2019. To assemble this new panel, we asked the old members of the 2018 Q2 panel to both:

  • Confirm their participation
  • Invite one new member of their choosing

Not everyone responded or added a new member, which is why the current panel is smaller than the 2018 Q2 panel.

You can review the history on GitHub.

Accepted Members

Name (Optional) Public Attestation
Alex Von Schulze  
Alex Biryukov  
Andrew Miller
Ayo Akinyele
Chase Hunter
Christina Garman  
Christopher Goes  
Cody Burns  
Colleen Swanson  
Daira Hopwood
Daniel Benarroch
Deirdre Connolly  
Derek Hsu  
Dimitris Apostolou
Eran Tromer  
Eric Vaughn  
George Tankersley  
Gordon Mohr
Howard Loo
Hudson Jameson
Ian Miers
Izaak Meckler
Jack Grigg
James Prestwich
James Todaro
James A. Joseph  
Jason Davies  
Jia Tian
John Light
Joseph Todaro
Josh Cincinnati
Justin Ehrenhofer  
Kobi Gurkan
Lawson Baker
Liz Steininger  
Madars Virsa
Matthew Green  
Mine Zcash
Mitchell Krawiec-Thayer
Neal Jayu
Nic Carter  
Oyedeji Oluwoye  
Phil Slobodian
Rebekah Mercer
Rolf Versluis  
Ruben Galindo Steckel
Sarah Meiklejohn  
Scott Moore
Sean Bowe  
Sergio Barajas  
Sonya Mann
Steven McKie
Tiaan Schoeman  
Vladimir Dinev
Zaki Manian
Casey Wayne  
@aiyadt (on Twitter)
ChileBob (on forum)  
@dontbeevil (on Twitter)
@mistfpga (on forum)