Ballot Proposal: Zcash Trademark

Ballot Proposal: The Zcash Trademark

Proposed ballot entry:

The Foundation should prioritize transitioning ownership of the Zcash trademark from the Zcash Company to the Foundation.

- Agree
- Disagree


The Zcash Company currently holds the trademark for Zcash and associated iconography. Since building the trademark, the Company has always intended to transfer them to the Foundation.


There are many reasons for the Foundation to hold the trademark. As a non-profit, it can serve as a more disinterested party than the Zcash Company, avoiding conflicts of interest when seeking to protect the trademark. And it was always the intention of the Company to transfer ownership to the Foundation.

On the other hand, the Foundation is still growing, and may not have immediate resources to fully protect the trademark in the case of a violation or abuse. This is more of a short-term concern however, and one that will be remedied over time.

A longer term concern: while the company still directs the majority of Zcash development, there is the rare possibility that the Foundation comes into conflict with the Company’s technical direction—due to perceived disagreement from the community or the Foundation’s own arbitrary measure—and the Foundation may not consider a future hard fork to be “Zcash,” leading to broad confusion. This is seemingly unlikely but worth considering.