Ballot Proposal: Zcon Foundation Mascot

Ballot Proposal: The Official Zcash Foundation Mascot

Proposed ballot entry:

The Foundation should endeavor to establish the official Zcash mascot as one of the following choices:

- Zeal, a collection of Zebras
- Waterbear
- Squirrel
- Axolotl
- A Talking Horse

Point-Counterpoint on Each Choice


a zeal

Pro: Many mascots are better than one, and it’s a collection of Zebras. Speaks to strength in numbers.

Con: Some people don’t like zebras. Logistically more difficult than single mascot


a Waterbear

Pro: Practically indestructible.

Con: Some people don’t like waterbears.



Pro: Cute. Known to be secretive.

Con: Some people don’t like squirrels.



Pro: Also cute, but weirdly human-looking.

Con: Some people don’t like axolotls.

A Talking Horse

a talking horse

Pro: Could repurpose a lot of old TV once it goes into the public domain.

Con: Some people don’t like talking horses.