Pavel Sokolov Nomination

Pavel Sokolov

I, Pavel, hereby nominate myself for the Zcash Foundation Board of Directors.


My motivation for taking part in Zcash has several roots that I should disclose:

  1. Zcash provides privacy. Privacy-centric solutions lead to more financial inclusion and as a result - economical, political and personal freedom. Raised in a developing country like Russia you come to see it clearly. Pseudo anonymous cryptocurrency solutions like Bitcoin became a timely cure for serving people’s demand for financial inclusion. However this success lacks extension and implementation of truly private algorithms to fuel up the movement. I want to be a part of it.
  2. At Zcash development goes first. As we are still at a very early stage of mass adoption, development and technology should be the core focus of the blockchain product. Lots of blockchains have a great PR and Marketing, however not delivering any solutions that are scalable, truly decentralized and feature rich. At the end of the day those who focus on core features, scalability and sustainability will win the race.
  3. Zcash privacy is an option not a must. For general usage and day-to-day operations privacy can harm the perfect blockchain customer experience, when you see the transaction coming from one place to another at any block-explorer. I love Zcash for this user-friendly approach. I understand that Zcash brings a lot to the community but I believe it can bring even more that’s why I want to be a on the edge and help it expand the adoption.

Goals for the Foundation

I deeply believe Zcash is great in many ways, but we need to expand in certain areas as well: Adoption. In order to drive faster and broader adoption of Zcash we should:

  • Incentivize creation of more GUI-centric apps
  • Launch activities incentivizing more users advocate Zcash in different countries (bounties, ASIC resistant mining, airdrops, etc.)
  • Actively cooperate with influencers and evangelists in local markets, creating Ambassadors for Zcash

Smarter network. Transferring coins should not be the only feature of a blockchain. We should be encouraging script language enhancement for more apps to appear on the blockchain. Of course privacy-centric features should go first:

  • DNS-like decentralized system
  • User identification possibilities
  • Private protected messaging systems
  • High-level script programming language

My Background/CV

Founder at (Zcash Grant receiver in year 2017), CEO and co-founder at, founder at ChainThis (oracle service for smart contracts), investor at Early blockchain addict, experienced FinTech manager. More here: