Moe Adham Nomination

Moe Adham

I, Moe Adham, hereby nominate myself for the Zcash Foundation Board of Directors.


I feel that privacy centric payment solutions are in short supply, and under active threat of censorship. I feel my industry knowledge and relationships might help steer the foundation with a long-term goal of ensuring privacy is never at risk.

Goals for the Foundation

The Zcash foundation has done a commendable job to date, and I am very thankful for their stewardship. The stated mission of the foundation to ensure this project remain always a tool for financial privacy available to the general public is a noble one.

I am hoping to assist the foundation in areas in which I am expert. These Include:

  • Academic research efforts of ZK systems
  • Enabling wider adoption of Zcash while maintaining privacy, specifically with respect to client implementations and support

My Background/CV

I founded in 2013. We are one of the largest Bitcoin ATM producers in the world. Privacy has always been one of our core values. Through this work, I have witnessed a rather startling effort by the industry to monitor and de-anonymise the bitcoin network. I have unique insights into the specific models institutions and governments are utilizing to reduce privacy on public blockchain networks. It is for this reason that I am interested in ensuring that systems such as Zcash remain laser focused on privacy.

Before founding Bitaccess, I obtained a Masters of Nanotechnology from the Swiss Institute of Technology. I’m quite well versed in all subjects related to chip design/ASIC technology. I got my start in Bitcoin by mining Bitcoins using FPGA’s (VHDL) I had access to at EPFL in 2011. I have a very good idea of what makes an algorithm ASIC resistant, for example.

I am also the Cheif Investment Officer of Cypherpunk Holdings. Cypherpunk Holdings is a publicly traded investment company in Canada. Our investment thesis remains that networks that provide strong decentalization and strong privacy will be the most valuable over the long term. We invest funds accordingly.

I hope to assist the board in technical related subjects. These would include threat modelling and appropriate responses (ex. nation states, miners, forks, etc). I would also like to augment relationships with the academic community to ensure empirical research continues on the privacy modelling of the Zcash protocol.

At Bitaccess, we’ve built a pretty great access point for cryptocurrencies through our BTM product, as well as our private exchange I speak frequently at conferences in North america and europe, with a special focus on academic and governmental issues.

We also do a good amount of work with Governments to increase transparency and auditability Through this work, I am able to gain unique insight into methods and models which governments are using to regulate and monitor public blockchain networks.

Location: CANADA (Eastern Standard Time)

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E-mail: moeadham AT