Finpunk Nomination

Robert Viglione (finpunk)

I, Robert Viglione, hereby nominate myself for the Zcash Foundation Board of Directors.


I am ethically aligned to further privacy-preserving technology, and believe my expertise might help the Foundation (obviously). But more specifically, as President of the Zen Blockchain Foundation and team lead for ZenCash, I’d like to help bring our communities and projects closer so we can realize synergies, advance privacy technologies, and make the world a better place together.

Goals for the Foundation

Foundations are ideal environments for base science R&D, infrastructure development, and public advocacy. Zcash is the proven leader in privacy cryptocurrencies and continues to innovate across domains. My goal as part of the Board would be to continue the great work already in progress, expand the R&D network where it makes sense, and have the Foundation take a leadership role in coalition building across the industry for proliferation and public advocacy of the technology. I believe privacy to be a human right and our job is to make the enabling technologies accessible to everyone in the world.

My Background/CV

Professional profile on LinkedIn.

The not-so-professional-but-fun profile on Steemit.

My background is in physics, applied mathematics, and then financial economics for my PhD. I started my career as a military scientist working in space systems where I had my first exposure to building large engineering projects as a software PM. I came to Bitcoin spiritually from the libertarian cypherpunk world, academically via cryptofinance research, and professionally by leading U.S. & Canada operations of a cryptocurrency payment service. Now I run the ZenCash team where we’re focusing hard on extending zero-knowledge tech into governance, smart contracting, DAG protocols, but most importantly, into the consumer product space.

What excites me most about this industry: separating money from state, “Uberizing” big parts of economic life, and redefining collaborative governance. These values complement work I’m doing as an advisor with Seasteading where we’re building offshore start-up societies based on peaceful collaboration and evolutionary governance.

In summary, besides being a big fan of Zcash, a practitioner proliferating the tech, and very much aligned with the core values of the Foundation, I’d like to bring the Zcash, Zen, and other zk communities closer to leverage capabilities and opportunities to make the world a better place together.