Boyma Fahnbulleh Nomination

Boyma Fahnbulleh

I, Boyma Fahnbulleh, hereby nominate myself for the Zcash Foundation Board of Directors.


First and foremost, I am a strong believer in the importance of digital privacy. Upon first being mesmerized by Bitcoin, I realized that the job would not be finished until it was possible to anonymously transact. I believe Zcash has a great chance to be the substrate of the world’s privacy preserving financial activity and I would be honored to help achieve this goal by holding a seat on the board. My interest in the board was piqued after meeting Yan (a current board member) at EthDenver. I was there giving out a bounty for the project which best gave power back to a marginalized group of people and Zcash has the opportunity to do just that. When values are aligned, people can come together to do extraordinarily great things. My values are firmly aligned with those of the foundation and I just want to help the community be great!

Goals for the Foundation

My goals for the foundation are to:

  • Perform outreach to university students interested in Zcash and ZK systems
  • Contribute to educational materials explaining how these systems work and their importance to an open, secure internet
  • Increase adoption by evangelizing the use cases of privacy preserving technology to people from marginalized and underrepresented groups
  • Coordinate/partner with value aligned nonprofits and social orgs
  • Support an ecosystem of developers to build applications on the platform (potentially by partnering with scripting language designers)
  • Make Zcash dope (well…doper than it already is!)

My Background/CV

I fell down the Bitcoin rabbit hole in the summer of 2015. I was about to start a position as a Senior UI Engineer for Salesforce when I saw the movie “Dope.” On the surface, it is a coming of age story about a high schooler from Compton trying to get into Harvard. The subplot, however, is what really caught my attention. The protagonist and his nerdy group of friends happen upon a large quantity of drugs. They are by no means the sort to “push dope on the corner” so the tech savvy group decide to sell it on the dark web in exchange for Bitcoin. How original, I know, but this reminded me about this “Bitcoin” thing I had heard about while studying Computer Science at Purdue University. Six months later I had quit my job at Salesforce to take a QA position at Chain. I soon automated myself out of a gig and worked my way onto the protocol engineering team. I worked many things including Confidential Assets and the Ivy smart contract language. I left in October of 2017 to start a crypto hedge fund and study public chains. Currently, I am working on a yet to be announced blockchain protocol and starting a nonprofit to help fund blockchain R&D focused on social impact.