The Zcash Foundation’s first governance process coincided with our inaugural conference in 2018. It was announced in April, further explained in June, and concluded later that month.

General measures and board nominations were submitted and discussed on GitHub, where they are available to review.

In July, the Foundation released a blog post detailing the governance results and our planned responses. Notably, Amber Baldet and Ian Miers were instated as new members of the Board of Directors.

Community Governance Panel participants are listed below:

Community Governance Panel Members

Last updated in Q2 of 2018.

Accepted Members

Name (Optional) Public Attestation
Gibson Ashpool
Zaki Manian  
Daniel Benarroch
Gordon Mohr
Rocelo Lopes  
Justin Ehrenhofer
Neal Jayu
John Light
James Prestwich
Sonya Mann
Josh Cinncinati
Andrew Miller  
Jason Davies
Pascal Ntsama  
Oyedeji Oluwoye
Christina Garman  
Liz Steininger  
David Stainton  
Gareth Davies
Ruben Steckel
Dan Robinson  
Izaak Meckler
Rebekah Mercer  
Eran Tromer  
Robert Viglione
Rolf Versluis  
Rachel-Rose O’Leary  
Sean Bowe  
Jack Grigg
Dimitris Apostolou
Simon Liu  
Chase Cole
Nic Carter
Derek Hsue  
Matthew Rizzio  
Aaron Orelup
Howard Loo
Lawson Baker
Steven McKie
Hudson Jameson
Brendan Bernstein  
Ian Miers
Eric Meltzer
Steven Zheng
John Bruhling
kek ( username)  
Tiaan Schoeman  
bit ( username)  
root ( username)  
Murad Mahmudov
Cody Burns
Skylar Saveland
Hossein Amin  
ZK ( username)  
Daira Hopwood
Fabrice Marchal
Alex Von Schulze
Hershy Ash
William Brown
Louis Mareschi
Vladimir Dinev
Jia Tian  
Aparna Krishnan
Chase Robert  
Dovey Wan  
Alex Biryukov
Matthew Green  
Andrew Glidden
Li Xiaolai  
Lao Mao  
Tiemae Roquerre  
Qiu Liang  

Rejected Members

  • Rhett Creighton
  • Ross Blankenship