Open Position: Chief Operating Officer

Apply here for the COO role! We look forward to your application.

Role: Chief Operating Officer (COO)

The Zcash Foundation is hiring a Chief Operating Officer (COO) to oversee the organization’s operational functions, including finance, accounting, legal, HR, and general administration.

Key responsibilities:

  • Supervise the Foundation’s day-to-day operations, and work closely with the Operations Director to ensure that the organization is running smoothly
  • Work with the Executive Director to ensure that the operational strategy supports the Foundation’s high-level goals
  • Act as the Executive Director’s chief of staff when necessary
  • Work with the Executive Director to set finance strategy, and oversee the finance infrastructure and functions, including payroll, bookkeeping, and grant disbursements
  • Oversee the Operations Director, external accountants and auditors to ensure that the Foundation fulfils it’s audit and filing obligations
  • Coordinate as required with external legal counsel regarding non-profit, employment, corporate, contractual, and trademark issues
  • Own the HR function, including coordinating recruitment and managing the internal employee review process
  • Support the Foundation’s grant programs
  • Oversee the planning and management of Zcon, the Foundation’s annual conference
  • Fulfil the role of Secretary to the Zcash Foundation board

Additionally, the COO will play an important role in maintaining team morale, and creating a healthy culture for the Foundation’s remote team. The ideal candidate will embody the Foundations values, while fully aligning with its mission and goals.

The position reports to the Zcash Foundation’s Executive Director, and will supervise the Operations Director.

This is a remote position.

What we Are Looking For

  • Passion for the Foundation’s mission
  • Proven experience of running many aspects of an organization
  • Ability to keep a pulse on all internal functions and wear multiple hats
  • Attention to detail
  • Someone who punches above their weight
  • Familiarity with cryptocurrencies and financial privacy (technical skills are not required)
  • Experience managing a team
  • Team player
  • Strong written and oral communication skills

Interview process

We depend on proof of past experience and collaborative interviews to evaluate the candidate. Please submit PDF documents to this form.

  • Resume
  • Cover letter that explains why the candidate is interested in the Zcash Foundation and the COO position.

We will follow up within a week of your submission.

There will be three interviews, all conducted over video chat. The interviews will be focused on the responsibilities of the role and alignment with the Foundation’s values, mission, and goals.

All interviews will be conducted over Google Hangouts.